Cleaning the air conditioning ducts

The air conditioning systems and furnaces can become dirty with dust and other debris, even if methodically clean your house every day. A furnace works by introducing air from one section of the house and blowing it to another room, which makes dust, hair, pollen and debris from spreading. Services of professional duct cleaning can thoroughly clean every inch (2.54 cm) of the internal passages of air conditioning and should be carried out once a year. The duct cleaning your air conditioner between professional cleanings helps keep the pipes free of debris.

You will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Work gloves
  • Cloth
  • Brush
  • Vacuum Accessory
  • Resistance ribbon


  1. Remove the screws holding the air duct cover with appropriate type of screwdriver. Replace the cover and screws in a safe place for later use.
  2. Put on work gloves to protect your hands and examine the walls of the air duct by dust and dirt. Clean any debris from the duct wall with a cloth or brush.
  3. Sets the accessory vacuum hose to it with high strength adhesive tape to ensure it does not break while using the vacuum cleaner. Insert the fitting into the duct to suck any debris such as mold and dust.
  4. Replace the cover in the duct opening the air conditioning and adjust the screws with the screwdriver. Remove the cover to remove any dust that remains.
  5. Complete this process for any opening through air conditioning you want to clean your house.

Cleaning air conditioning ducts easily

During the summer many people use much of their air conditioning. The ducts can become clogged with pet dander, house dust and various other debris. The key to saving money and maintain your air conditioner in good condition is to regularly clean the ducts. Clean duct should only take about 10 minutes and will keep your home healthier and better air circulation.

You will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Mild dishwashing detergent
  • Cloth
  • Vacuums and extensions
  • Cleaning Brush


  1. Remove the covers from the ventilation duct of air conditioning. If the covers have screws remove them with a screwdriver. For types that just fit, lift one corner at a time.
  2. Lava covers ventilation with soapy water. Apply two or three drops of mild dish detergent into a sink filled with warm water. If dust and earth remain, let soak decks. Rinse with clean water and dry them with a clean cloth.
  3. Clean the inside of the ducts for conditioned water as deep as you can with a damp cloth.
  4. Adhere the handle reaching the vacuum and remove as much dust and debris as possible conduit. Although more thorough cleaning can be achieved only by a cleaning professional, you should be able to clean a few feet. If accumulated soil remains there, clean with a cleaning brush. Remove the rest of the dust and debris in and around the area.
  5. Reapply covers the ventilation duct of air conditioning.

Tips and Warnings

  • Save ventilation screws in a plastic bag while cleaning the decks to avoid losing them.
  • Use gloves and a face shield. There could be present in harmful mold inside the ducts of air conditioning.

An easy way to drain water from a portable air conditioner

The need to drain portable air conditioners could reduce the level of comfort of the new users, but the process is streamlined and soon takes place fast and easy as they maneuver a few times. Whilst on the one hand; when the equipment is operating, moisture is extracted air surrounding; when cooling is carried out, inevitably water collects. If you are one of those who had not had a previous air conditioning technology auto evaporation (an evaporative cooler), it is time to know that condensation tanks have to be emptied regularly to ensure their long-term functioning.

Take the team out

To drain the tank properly, you have to carry your gear to the outside. This will not cause water damage inside your home when you make the drain. First, remember to unplug the machine from the electrical outlet, and then disconnect the hose from the exhaust unit. The air conditioner is now ready to be taken out and to be emptied.

Remove the drain plug

Now that the unit is outside where you cannot make a mess or damaging your furniture, take the drain hose support where it is placed. If you have an air conditioner without hose laptop, you’ll need to find a drain plug and remove it. At this point, you will see a bracket. Once you locate, you should try to remove it gently like the drain plug to drain the stored water. Once the tank has been completely emptied, the clamp and the drain plug can be put back in place.

Put everything back in place

From here, the pieces are put back in the reverse order they were removed. After placing the drain plug and clamp in place, you just put the hose back in the support (if your unit comes with a drain hose). For other teams, simply place the drain plug on its port. Once done, take the air conditioning back to the inside, reconnect the exhaust hose and plugged the computer into the outlet.

Advice to unclog a clogged plumbing drain with streamer

Use a streamer is an effective way to deal with a clogged drain. Using a serpentine plumbing this way is commonly called a drain snake and do different drains in accessories such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs and other plumbing. The flexible coil cable is inserted through the drain to remove blockages that are often too deep to reach for the plungers.

Select the appropriate coil

Different plumbing streamers are suitable for different drains. A serpentine lavatory or toilet is especially suited to navigate the twists and turns of a toilet drain to get a lock. Other augers are longer and are more suitable for sink and tub drains. An electric coil, which has its own attached motor and a thicker and longer cable, is best suited for larger tubes up to 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter.

Avoid excessive force

When resistance occurs when passing through the serpentine soil, the use of excessive force may damage the system you are trying to uncover. This is especially true when you drain a toilet. Not only can you make a cup, you can also crack it. When you meet resistance, indicating that you have come to lock, turn the handle clockwise serpentine and gently pull back on the serpentine body. Once outside, resumed by turning the handle clockwise. When an electric drill is used you will not feel resistance, but you will notice that the sound engine Drill “lowers”. Invert the engine and then remove the serpentine. Then move back to forward.

Avoid open after using chemicals

If chemicals have spilled into the drain cleaner to break obstruction prevents the use of a drill at the outlet immediately after. You can splash chemicals on the skin, which can cause burns.

Try a different approach

If you are snaking a drain basin, for example, and you cannot beat the trap under the sink, remove the trap. Place a bucket underneath to catch the liquid. If the jam is not in the trap itself, serpentine inserted into the tube from the point past the trap. If you cannot get to a blockage by snaking through a bathtub drain, remove the overflow plate on the tub and insert the coil through the drain pipe.

Adapting a home for seniors

Making changes in housing for increasing safety of residents is strictly necessary where seniors live there. Adaptation and remodeling depend in each case on the characteristics of housing as the degree of self-sufficiency of the inhabitants. In this article we write on how to adapt a home for the elderly will have the improvements that you can perform in the different rooms of the home.


  • The furniture should not obstruct the passage of people around the room.
  • It is preferable to choose furniture with rounded edges to prevent damage if a slip occurs.
  • Check that shelves are securely fastened to the wall.
  • The seats with armrests and high backs are the most comfortable for seniors. As for the height, the ideal is to be neither too high nor low for the action of sitting and standing does not become complicated.
  • Having a cordless phone is a good idea for older people not to rush when called, and the risk of falling.


  • For older people have easy access and mobility, it is advisable not to place the bed next to a wall of the room.
  • The half-height beds are most appropriate for them to get up and down without difficulty.
  • The cabinets are not very suitable, it is best to replace them with low height cabinets that allow older people to have your clothes and belongings.
  • It is important to install the light switch near the bed and have a phone on the nightstand.
  • For people who suffer a high degree of dependency are recommended for its adjustable beds, they allow them to change position and avoid total immobility.


  • The kitchen should be adapted so that older people can continue to use it normally.
  • The organization is a key point. The everyday utensils should be placed in the most accessible furniture.
  • Similarly, you need to locate suitable height cabinets for older people to have easy access.
  • Provide practical furniture like tables with wheels is ideal for moving plates, glasses, heavy pots, etc..
  • To avoid burns while the food is prepared, are preferable hob cookers. In addition, this type of kitchens allows the pots and pans slide more easily.


  • Falls in the bathroom are very frequent; it is advisable to avoid replacing the tub for a shower located at ground level. In addition, we must place it slip mats.
  • You can also install grab bars in the shower or by the toilet. Plastic bars are less slippery than stainless steel.
  • In specialty stores, we can also find chairs of bath, lifting the toilet, showers and other special items that provide grooming seniors.

And stairs

  • The corridors are areas we frequent passage repeatedly, so it is advisable not to place rugs or objects that may cause trips and falls.
  • If the house has stairs, you will need to place railings to the side and install switches both the beginning and the end. Thus, the area will always be lit.


  • The floors of the house should be non-slip and smooth surface.
  • It is advisable to have carpeting in different rooms but if we have, see that they are properly installed and not bend easily.
  • Cover the ground with short hair carpet is a good way to reduce injuries in case of fall. Although this option is not suitable for people using wheelchairs.

Wood in the bathrooms

As time passes and science and technology advance, we show new products that we provide more comfort and convenience in our daily lives.

Some things that seemed impossible a few years ago have today are forming part of the accessories and items with which we live and with which we develop.

For the bathroom of our homes, we are used to seeing the toilets we use all the time, made from materials such as porcelain, majolica or similar.

However, trends in looking closer to nature, there have been some new sinks made ​​of wood and are still as practical and useful as any we commonly use.

Thanks to technological advances, we can now have wood sinks that have been modified in their properties so they can be adapted to use will be given and to prevent deterioration by moisture stay in them.

That strength and durability with which we always have in the toilets and other sanitary bathroom, today also these accessories can be made of wood.

It should be mentioned that the wood used in this type of toilet has been treated that can withstand the demands of constant use and has been provided with guards that will give the same safety in use.

This also has been extended to the rest of sanitary items, and it would not be unusual to walk one of these days to a bathroom completely made up this noble material nature.

What You Need to Know When You Redo Your Kitchen

If you want to invest in your home or just make it a nicer place to stay for your family, there are some areas that should start first, before the kitchen renovation. However, this can be a major project, so you’d have to plan very well.

Whether you want a contemporary, elegant finish or if you want to wear a country kitchen, you will need to make sure that the final result has both style and functionality. To make sure you get the right balance, you should first think about the type of items you need and how to best use the space available taking into account the wide variety of appliances out there to choose from.

Perhaps the best way to start planning is to consider exactly the use you give to the place. You might have a small kitchen where you prepare food only, and if any have suggestions for someone who wants to use it as a dining room or perhaps have something else in mind.

Use to give your kitchen will influence further in choosing countertops, cabinets and dishwasher. If you see it as a purely functional place, you must be pleased to find items at a reasonable price, but if instead spend many hours a day there, the style is surely a factor in your decisions.

For a country style kitchen, probably will seek traditional wooden units and Belfast sink, but for a contemporary and stylish finish, granite and metal can be used to what you have in mind.

An important aspect to keep in mind when choosing your units or drawers is the finishing touches that can make a difference in how they look. For example there are some low cost with simple designs that can be transformed by choosing appropriate handles and locks – something that could befriend in the budget.

It is also important to note that the main objective of the compartments of the kitchen should be more practical than decorative, so you have to think carefully if your favorite models are actually the amount of storage space you require. Otherwise, make sure the option of a folding stove – like a basket to slide out of a cupboard, tied horizontally from the door or corner – can help make them more useful.

Another aspect that you have to decide is the type of sink you want. Previously it was just a matter of how big were the stainless steel bowl and drainer choose to, but now it is different.

Now you can select a model of single or double bowl, ceramic or metal, with side organizers dishwasher or kitchen. The most comprehensive styles available can make a real contribution to the final appearance of the place apart.

It is important to select the dishwasher before starting to adapt magazines, which makes it necessary that you make sure to find your favorite style ideal for the size space you have.

For the same reason, you also need to be sure that you choose your appliances and utensils before you start working on remodeling, as it can take some time because of the enormous variety that today’s all.