5 Tips to improve your room

The sleep, the awakening and the way of “living” your day depend very much on our way of life, but one should not neglect his environment, his room. We could compare the environment and lifestyle to the association between a mattress and its bed frame – even if you have the best mattress in the world with a bed base of poor quality: comfort will not be there!  So to put the odds on your side, we propose 5 strategies, 5 tips to grant (finally) your lifestyle and your environment, your room and your sleep but especially 5 strategies to make your room a kingdom dedicated to good -be.

Your bed, your well-being compass

In your room, your bed is your compass what would be a crown without jewels? What would your room be without its bed? This is the essential question. Your bed is the central element and must remain so. To put it simply, there are several rules. It is recommended that you do not put the bed back on a door or under a window, or put it in an angle – that’s what you should not do. The best option: place it against a wall with room on each side, a solid headboard and the door in your field of vision, but not in front. Of course, if you cannot tick all the boxes, do the best!

Disconnect for bedtime

We want to clarify that this is not a crusade against connected objects. But, as you are told regularly, screens and other bright objects are not your friends when it comes to sleep. So we forget the phone next to her bed or the TV in the room to restore the latter its primary function: a place of rest and serenity. And if you want to go even further, we advise you to ban all electronic objects from your room and protect yourself from this source of bad energy.

Change the air

Air your room with fresh air It is obvious that your room can be your cave, your little secret garden but, to fill it with good energies, it is enough for little. Just open your window regularly, to ventilate, let in the sun’s rays … and even if it is not there, you have fresh air. A small simple gesture that will bear fruit. I see you coming, you city dwellers: “my room overlooks the street, so your advice on the fresh air …”! So here is our answer, if you can access a window “court side” that is not in your room. Little trick, in addition to your room, ventilate the entirety of your apartment is also a good thing!

My room, a sacred place

As it is tempting to make the most of the spaces present in your apartment or house. With a room big enough, one would even think of installing an office … But what a mistake! As far as the bedroom is concerned, you have to choose to ban everything that could cause stress, especially work. So, nothing reminiscent of your job – be it folders, documents or even pro computers – can fit in. And we’ll tell you again, to make sure you do not miss out on it: NEVER install a desk in your room.

Simplicity as a priority

Clean your room for this last point, we do not go around the bush, for a room full of good energy, we get rid of the superfluous. Yes, we are talking about the trinkets that litter your shelves and your “war chest” piled up in your bedside table drawer. Here, we keep only the essential, any object that does not express the idea of ​​love or relaxation has nothing to do in a room. Take the opportunity to make a great spring cleaning.