5 ways to make your home smell amazing

There is something special about the smell of rain, fresh grass or a spring garden. It’s all smells that can do something very special about us. A little like when you enter a room with a very special scent that produces good memories or a special feeling in the body.

Let the stove clear the peas

If you want a fresh scent at home, there is a simple and extremely easy trick. It involves a pot, lemon writer and whatever else you are left with scented herbs.

If you bring a little water to the boil and add a few slices of lemon and herbs, possibly a little lavender or mint, you have a quick spoon in the kitchen. The heat from the stove and the boiling water sends the sweet scent around the whole house.

Bring nature into your home

One thing is for sure, there are few things in the world that are more beautiful than the trees and flowers of nature. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it can be as comfortable to smell. Therefore, the next trick for a fragrant home is to fill up with plants and flowers.

Indoor plants are not only good because they smell good. Certain plants can also clean the air for more harmful substances.

The experiment was originally made to determine which plants would be best for cleaning the air in space stations. Room station or not, the plants can also be left in your living room and clean the air.

Venting is the way forward

Air out, air out, air out. It is both important for the indoor climate and for your health. It is healthy to add new oxygen to the rooms at home, even if it is cold outside.

As a rule, you should vent out for at least 10 minutes each day.

If you live in a house or apartment with ventilation ventures, you may want to place an air freshener from, for example, a car (Wunderbaum) on the inside of the ventilation.

When the air blows through the ventilation, the fresh fragrance will be pulled around the room. It’s smart, cheap and easy.

Be strategic with your four-light lights

It is always cozy with some cozy lighting in the form of candles and it is always a plus if they smell beautiful. You can place a few scented candles in the corners of the room so the smell does not get too strong.

Be careful not to turn on many fragrance lights at a time and be careful not to mix different fragrances – it can be confusing and have an opposite effect.

You can also use the scented candles for something else. Try placing the lights in your closet or where you store your bedding or blankets. Of course, you should not turn on the lights, but just let them stand and give sent to the materials in the cabinets.

Highlight your inner frk. Jensen

There is nothing that smells as good as the smell of home baking. Whether it is cake, rye bread or freshly baked buns – there are few times there is something that can beat that fragrance.

You do not have to pull the thick cookbook forward to live this trick. You can be content with something very simple like cookies, banana or the usual recipe for muffins.