Removing urine odor in bathroom

The smell of urine of human or animal is strong and unpleasant, and when your bathroom smells of urine is frustrating and embarrassing. There is more than one way to make your bathroom smell good. If you can discover the cause of a smelly bathroom, you can remedy the situation quickly. But maybe you never can determine the source of odor. Despite this, you can do something to make your bathroom smell good.


  1. Look closely on all surfaces of your bathroom, especially near and behind the toilet. If you have a box of pebbles cat in your bathroom, look at the walls and the floor near it. Checks for pee stains or wet spots on walls and floors. Also seek for dried urine, which may have formed yellow crystals. A suggestion of includes an ultraviolet light turn on bathroom surfaces to detect urine stains that you cannot normally see.
  2. Clean any urine of human or pet you find. Use a disinfectant cleaner and deodorizer or just vinegar. Alternately, use a product specifically made to dissolve the pet urine, which may be a better choice if you have a carpeted bathroom. If this step works to remove the smell of urine in the bathroom, just clean all surfaces more often.
  3. Wash bath mats, especially those near the toilet or cat box.
  4. Clean your toilet completely with hard toilet brush, taking care to clean the edge below. Clean the entire toilet with disinfectant and deodorizing cleaner. Clean under the seat, around the bolts out of the toilet and in the base. As mentioned in, dry urine may remain below the rim, outside and below the toilet seat.
  5. Remove the carpet, tile or vinyl flooring if the urine smell persists. Urine may have crossed the carpet, tile or vinyl and come to the subfloor. If this is the case, consider replacing the subfloor and floor covering. If you cannot do, you use a sealer as Kills and replace the floor covering. The website The Fly Lady also recommends that if urine has leaked on the floor of the walls, you need to paint the walls with Kills and also repaint the bathroom.